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The dashboard helps you keep an overview of all your own PHBooklets and those that you have been granted access to. Here, you can create new PHBooklets and access individual ones.

Document storage

You can conveniently store any relevant documents, reports, photos, videos etc. in the designated document storage area and share them with your authorized network. Your vet can also add documents such as lab reports or x-rays to the PHBooklet. Exchanging documents with your vet or other owners has never been easier!


The PHBooklet has you covered in case of an emergency! If your vet needs to refer your pet to a specialist, you can simply add the referral clinic to your authorised network, and they will immediately get access to all of your pet’s data and be able to make educated decisions about how to best help your pet.

Evaluations & reports

You can create orders for hip & elbow dysplasia evaluations or patellar luxation exams directly in the PHBooklet and send them to your vet. Your pet’s data is filled in automatically and you’ll be guided through the steps in an easy-to-follow way. Evaluation certificates are accessible in your PHBooklet as soon as the evaluation is completed by the expert. No more searching for results!

Animal verification

You can ask your vet to verify the chip number of your animal during your next visit to the vet and make sure that your PHBooklet stays unique!

Share your PHBooklet

Going on vacation without your pet? Not a problem with the PHBooklet. Simply share your PHBooklet with the person taking care of your pet and they can access all the relevant information for the desired time period.

Are you a new owner? Ask the previous owner to transfer your pet’s PHBooklet to you – the current subscription will continue running even when switching owners.

Authorised network 

It’s all up to you! You can decide who gets access to your pet’s health data by adding veterinarians to your authorized network or by sharing the PHBooklet with other owners. You can even grant access for limited time periods after which access is automatically revoked.


An electronic version of your pet’s pedigree can be deposited in the PHBooklet so that it is always accessible when needed.

Vaccinations – coming soon

We are happy to announce that it will soon be possible to record all vaccinations electronically and even digitize existing vaccination books. Stay tuned for more information!

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