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About Us

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The PHBooklet platform is operated by PHD AG. This company is owned entirely by the Swiss Association for Small Animal Medicine (SVK ASMPA), which is a specialized section of the Society of Swiss Veterinarians (GST).


It is very important to us to support you on your journey into the world of health digital and to be able to offer you a tool that makes the health data of your furry friend available to you and your trusted vet at any time and from anywhere. With the PHBooklet, the Swiss Association of Small Animal Doctors and the SVK-ASMPA have created the opportunity to save your pet's data in an electronic health booklet. Thanks to the PetHealthBooklet we can make an important contribution to animal health and animal welfare together. 

For the development of the vaccination tool, the SVK-ASMPA partnered with PD Dr. med. vet. Barbara Willi – experienced clinical infectiologist -who will also actively support the further development of the PHBooklet.  


We stand for Swiss quality: the PHBooklet was developed in Switzerland, the data is stored in Switzerland and is subject to Swiss data protection laws. You can choose to share your pet’s data that is stored in the PHBooklet with your trusted veterinary practice.

For questions and further information please contact the Office of PHD AG.

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